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Welcome to Taxi Logistics

We specialise in the provision of Comms for the taxi and private hire industry and provide comms equipment, data SIMs and hardware that allow them to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. We work with taxi despatch companies like Cordic, iCabbie , Autocab, Infocabs to name a few. Please call us on 01372 844491 if we can help you with any of our services.

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We will work with you to provide the correct devices, supported by the software company you are already using. We are aware of what the developers support and will liaise with them during the work. More >

mobile phone maintenance


No need to worry about maintenance and repairs any more. Our service contracts will offer you quick turnaround times for repairs and replacement devices while you wait. More >

mobile phone repairs


We can repair almost any device. Just explain the problem that you are having to get a quote, send the device to us and we will fix it, using original parts.

txi comms systems


Telematics will help you improve the efficiency of your fleet with custom reporting, real time alerts and geofences. This is the best way to reduce operating and capital costs, while operating effectively. More >

mobile phone recycling


We can purchase your redundant working or non-working kit and help you upgrade. No need to worry about the old information. We will wipe it and give you a certificate. More >

mobile phone upgrades

Device Upgrades

Taxi Logistics provides the hardware and Data SIMs used by taxi dispatch software companies like Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch, InfoCabs, C-Fone and others. With our help you can upgrade to Android. More >


taxi and courier comms


Taxi Logistics is part of Mobile B2B Partners group. We work with taxi, private hire, courier and logistics companies to provide the hardware that the taxi dispatch software sits on. We offer additional products as SIMs cards and other services relating to TELCO. Here you can find new, refurbished or used smartphones and tablets at competitive prices. Additionally, we offer repairs, maintenance and recycling plans. One of our newest services is mobile device renting. You can get smartphones or tablets for a fixed amount of time.

Our aim is to deliver hardware supported by the software systems that your company already uses. It doesn’t matter if your business is small, medium or large. We will liaise with the developer to ensure the most suitable upgrade. We already work with the industry’s No. 1 software companies as Cordic, AutoCab, CabDespatch, InfoCabs, C-Fone and others. Furthermore, we can install the desired by you software on your devices. They will be ready for use by your staff the minute you receive them.

All the smartphones and tablets from us come with 12-month warranty. Even the used and refurbished ones.


We work with a wide range of industry specific software companies and provide an installation and testing services on the mobile devices we send out. If you work with any of these company's software, then we will be pleased to help.

Case Studies

courier order processing

Courier Order Processing

Drivers running partner software that eliminate paperwork for ordering and stock, we supply the PDAs required.

dealer management

Dealer Management

We help a Canterbury company set up an internal management system from one of our partners by delivering Android phones to all their mobile workers.

haulage comms solutions


Stock delivery and ordering systems running on handheld devices using our partner’s software in Oxford.

taxi booking systems

Taxi Booking

We provided a London-based taxi company with the hardware running Cordic software which automates the effective movement of their fleet and jobs.